Additional Testimonials


”I initially sought Dr. Nodesh for his specialty and advanced experience in prosthodontics. Dr. Nodesh, along with his entire staff, has been incredibly helpful and thorough in responding to all my questions and concerns in developing a treatment plan. This practice has completely exceeded my expectations! I see Dr. Nodesh and staff for all general dentistry concerns as well, and I recently had a wonderful cleaning visit! I’d also like to note that the front desk is composed of two of the most delightful women I have ever met!”

— Krista

“I don’t have to smile with my mouth closed anymore! Dr. Nodesh’s expertise at Beaches Dentistry made me smile big again. I’m so happy to have a healthy smile. He truly cares about his patients and their needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Nodesh. He is gentle, patient, trusting, and positive, and has a wonderful staff, especially my hygienist of many years, Anethette.”

— Esther

“Love this office! Everyone is always friendly, helpful, and caring! Karen and Shelby are awesome up front, Lindsey is the most thorough dental hygienist I have ever experienced, and Dr. Nodesh takes his time to share his knowledge and expertise while doing it in a sincere and thoughtful way. My kids and husband also love the office. I actually look forward to going to the dentist! And soon, ortho will be offered in the same office! Highly recommend!”

— Tiffany

“I love Dr. Nodesh’s ‘bedside’ manner. I feel very cared for when I visit. The hygienist is conscientious of my time, the front staff makes me feel like family, and they have the latest technology, making dental care much more advanced. Great place!”

— Wendy

“Dr. Raina is absolutely amazing! She is professional, compassionate, and just so friendly and pleasant. She made the ‘braces experience’ wonderful for my son and her confidence gives me every confidence!! Dr. Raina explains her decisions for treatment and your child’s progress every step of the way. She’s the best and my family loves her!”

— Kacie & Drake

“Dr. Nodesh recently treated me for a dental problem. Over the course of time, I have been treated by several dentists, but this was the first time I experienced total dental health care. The clinic is designed to ensure competence, being full to the brim with the latest technology. Dr. Nodesh has a very light hand and he completely removed any fear or apprehension that the patient may have. Dr. Nodesh will go a long way to satisfying critical needs in challenging profession. I wish Dr. Nodesh all the very best.”

— Poonam

“Dr. Raina is a wonderful professional. She made my son and myself feel not only as a patient but as a family. She always gave us a smile and made every appointment with her a great experience. She did a good job with my son’s braces and made us enjoy the journey with confidence. We are going to miss Dr. Raina.”

— Anonymous

“The friendliest crew and most professional. Been coming here for years, love everyone, and highly recommend Beaches Dentistry. Dr. Nodesh is wonderful and the most through dentist that I’ve ever seen.”

— Sharon

“I had been a patient of Dr. Jumber’s for over 20 years and was sad to learn of his retirement, since I knew I was needing some major dental work. I met with Dr. Nodesh several times as he helped me understand the process I was to undertake (he has great patience). Dr. Nodesh completed the surgery with such skills, he called that evening to check on my comfort, and had me come in the next day and once each week after to check on healing. I am glad I decided to remain with Beaches Dentistry and Wellness to have this extensive work done. The doctor, nurses, and staff are very knowledgeable and caring. Thank you for taking such good care of me!”

— Deborah

“CAN’T say enough about what a great experience I’ve had, and continue to have, with Dr. Nodesh and all the girls at Beaches Dentistry. If anyone out there needs a dentist that’s kind, gentle, and very caring, this is the dentist for you! Thank you, Dr. Nodesh and staff!”

— Sylvia

“We have had only positive experiences with Dr. Raina. She is excellent with children and has a way to make everyone feel comfortable. She explains each part of the process clearly and lets you have an informed decision in your treatment plan. I would recommend anyone to her, and if any of my other children need braces, I wouldn’t even look someplace else. We feel so blessed to have Dr. Raina as part of this community.”

— Rassoull

“I’ve been coming here for over 20 years and have always loved the dentist and the staff. I ugly cried when Dr. Jumber retired, but glad to see Dr. Nodesh is just as personable and professional. He’s the perfect fit!”

— Grace

“Dr. Nodesh is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and caring. I am quite pleased with my dental care, and the staff are experienced and friendly.”

— Joan

“My daughter sees Dr. Raina for her braces. We are now nearing the end, and what an amazing difference in her teeth and jawline! Dr. Raina has saved us with her miracle work! We were told by other dentists that our daughter would need teeth to be removed as well as jaw realignment surgery. She had a severe overbite with a tiny mouth size and significant overcrowding (teeth on top of teeth). Dr. Raina was able to correct everything with braces and rubber bands. By far the best ortho ever!!!”

— Ann

“Dr. Nodesh and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I’m very impressed with the up-to-date technology and procedures. The office is very clean, decorated professionally, and gives a warm home effect. I would highly recommend this dentist office.”

— Shelly

“We had nothing but a wonderful experience with the ortho treatment for a daughter from Dr. Raina. Very thorough, caring, and explains every procedure and expectation. Not only meet expectations, but exceeded them. Three other orthodontists wanted to put chains on my daughter’s teeth (cost well over $1,000), and Dr. Raina said let’s give Mother Nature time to work, and teeth DID come in on their own without needing that evasive work. Highly recommend!”

— Darcey

“Love Dr. Nodesh and his staff! Excellent customer service!”


“Dr. Raina has been an amazing orthodontist to both my daughter and son. Very friendly and detail–oriented. My daughter is now at the end of her treatment and she couldn’t be happier with the results. I am confident my son’s treatment will be the same.”

— Anonymous

“There is no better or more caring dentist and staff anywhere at the beach. I’m so grateful to Dr. Jumber for being our family dentist for close to 30 years. And he turned his office and staff over to someone that he knew would care about his patients and the practice as much as he did.”

— Layla

“My experience at the &ldsuo;Beaches Dentistry’ clinic last November was phenomenal. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The procedure is performed in a clean, cozy, and comfortable environment. Dr. Nodesh did a commendable job of performing a 2-and-1/2 hour surgery on me, in a very easy manner. The post-operative instructions were clear and thorough, that made my recovery easy. It is now almost 6 months and I neither feel any pain or discomfort. Dr. Nodesh is a young, talented, and brilliant doctor who cares for his patients. I am very much looking forward to my next visit in June. Thank you all at Beaches Dentistry and Wellness.”

— Mannan

“Dr. Raina and her orthodontic practice have been amazing since day one. Both of our daughters have received great care in their journey with braces. The staff is always very friendly and appointments are always performed on time and with one on one followup during every visit.”

— Anonymous”

“Professional and very personable. Very highly recommended.”

— Danny

“Dr. Raina is always informative, friendly, and on time. She and her office staff are very helpful and timely. Thank you.”

— Krista

“I recommend Beaches Dentistry and Wellness for two reasons. Not only is Dr. Nodesh S. a brilliant practitioner, performing the highest level of work with the latest technology, but the staff are stars in their own right, being kind and knowledgeable.”

— Kathy

“Dr. Raina is the best! She is always honest and positive when explaining things. She makes sure that patients understand exactly what she is doing and why. She is also very alert and detail oriented. She saw something in an image of our daughter’s mouth that needed a follow-up with an oral surgeon. She explained her concern and provided a referral. Thankfully, it was not a major issue, but we appreciated her thoroughness.”


“Dana is awesome! Have been going to this office for years. They take care of the whole family.”

— Nancy

“Dr. Raina is a great orthodontist I would recommend to anyone.”

— R. Mito

“Great team at Beaches Dentistry and Wellness. They are both personable and professional. The doc is amazing with his attention to detail. Makes me very confident his work on me is done to perfection. You guys are doing it right.”

— Rob

“My daughter has been going to Dr. Raina for a little over a year now, we love her! She always takes her time and talks to you. I also love her staff! Everyone is good and personable. Dr. Raina is always looking further down the road for you. She always recommends what’s best for my daughter! I trust her totally!! Thank you, Dr. Raina! And her staff!”

— Lan

“Going to the dentist is always an anxious situation, but everyone here makes you feel welcome. Karen at the front desk is wonderful! She’s very kind and always willing to answer any questions that you have. My hygienist was wonderful too. I was a little nervous to go since it’s been years since I’ve been to a dentist, but she made me feel calm and relaxed the whole time. It’s a great establishment if you’re looking for a dentistry that makes you feel comfortable the whole time.”

— Rebecca

“Dr. Raina and her friendly staff have made my son’s orthodontist experience absolutely wonderful. She is so professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant. The results that we have gotten so far have been incredible. We are always in and out of our appointments on time or ahead of schedule. I would recommend Dr. Raina to anyone who asks.”

— Valerie

“Great place and people, need I say more? Dr. Nodesh is a great addition to the Beaches community.”

— George

“Excellent practice and staff ...Very skilled, latest equipment, and techniques for implants ... Also dedicated hygienist professionals ... Early AM schedules available on Thursdays.”

— Anonymous

“We have been coming to Dr. Raina for about 2 years now. Since she has taken over, it has been a wonderful experience for my kids. She and her staff are very pleasant, professional, and make you feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend her.”

— Jennifer

“I was a patient of Dr. Jumber’s for 20 years and was completely satisfied with all the work and treatment I received during that time. When Dr. Jumber retired, I was upset but happy for him, well deserved to a great dentist. Dr. Nodesh took over the practice and we haven’t missed a beat. I remember Dr. Jumber telling me how great a dentist Dr. Nodesh was, but I didn’t think anyone could be better than Dr. Jumber. Dr. Nodesh is personable, professional, and most of all, a great dentist as well. He has a great staff as well, and always takes time to explain what he is doing. I would strongly suggest anyone looking for a dentist to call and make an appointment. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”

— John

“I had extensive dental work performed by Dr. Nodesh. I consider him to be an outstanding professional and a perfectionist who is not satisfied unless both he and his patient are happy with the outcome. Also, his entire staff is friendly, efficient, and professional.”

— J. Corless

“My son went through his first set of braces with Dr. Jasleen Raina and our experience has been great! The staff is very nice and friendly and seems really happy to be there and enjoying their work environment. Dr. Raina is very knowledgeable and really good with the children (my son was 8). She listens to concerns and explains everything in details. My son as well as us parents felt very comfortable! She was the reason we stayed with that practice!! We highly recommend Dr. Raina and her team!!”

— Anonymous

“Always a great experience.”

— Beth

“I have been a patient for decades. Everyone is wonderful here, Karen and Shelby to Anethette the dental hygenist and Lesley and the staff. When Dr. Jumber retired, I met Dr. Nodesh and I am impressed; lucky to have such a great group taking care of me.”

— D. Smith

“The entire staff, from the doctor through the front office personnel, all acted with efficiency while displaying a friendly and caring attitude.”

— Anonymous

“Dr. Raina is the best: She always make me feel comfortable. Thank you for making my smile 10x better, and her staff are always laughing. They look like they really enjoy working there!!! Shout-out to Logan and the rest of the crew! Thank you for everything!”

— Joe

“The staff is the best in the biz! Karen has helped me navigate multiple insurers over the past 20 years. Shelby is always accommodating with scheduling appointments. And Dana is my girl tried and true. She has helped me keep my pearly whites bright and my gums healthy without pain!! I always look forward to going to the dentist at Beaches Dentistry and Wellness.”

— Tracy

“Dr. Raina is very knowledgeable and attentive. She has always worked to find the best options. We like that she tries to keep the kids in braces the least amount of time and still get the best results. It’s a WIN in every way.”

— Anonymous

“I love it because I’ve been working there for 26 years.”

— Shelbie

“Dr. Nodesh has always been very caring and gentle. I first met Dr. Nodesh as a dental colleague and have seen him do the best, always. He is knowledgeable and his practice is based on the most current scientific evidence. I would not trust my dental needs with anyone but a dental specialist, and Dr. Nodesh is a prosthodontist who will give you the best aesthetic and successful outcome. I would never go to another dentist other than Dr. Nodesh.”

— Jasleen

“Absolutely LOVE everyone here! They are the best, have GREAT customer service, and Dr. Nodesh is great at what he does! He followed up Dr. Jumber’s amazing legacy.”

— Kristi

“Dr. Jumber has retired and a new man is in town. Dr. Nedesh has taken the practice, Beaches Dentistry. If you are looking for the complete experience of great care, this a dentistry family. I had been bouncing around, literally for years, looking for a dentist. I would just go into practices for a cleaning and get a feeling, whether it would be good fit for me. The staff here, some who had been with Dr. Jumber for decades, has remained with Dr. Nodesh, which is a testimony to his people skills.”

— Bonnie

“Dr. Nodesh and his staff are true professionals and make it fun to go to the dentist! His expertise as a prosthodontist care is amazing! We highly recommend this caring and integral group!”

— David and Pat

“I have been a patient at this practice for years and can honestly say that since Dr. Nodesh has taken over the practice the BEST has gotten better. Dr. Nodesh is very personable and knowledgeable about all types of procedures. He is very thorough in examining your mouth.

If he finds problems, he informs you of the plan and cost. During the procedure he tells you what he is doing and what to expect. What impressed me the most, however, was when he requested an instrument from his assistant, he ALWAYS said ‘THANK YOU.’ I would recommend him to anyone needing dental work.”

— Eleanor

“Love Beaches Dentistry. Amazing staff and dentist! They are the most friendliest group of people ever. They make feel like you want to go to the dentist!!!!”

— Michelle

“Beaches Dentistry and Wellness is the best. They are professional, friendly, courteous, and all the while down to earth. Mindful of your time, transparent with billing, and informative in the crazy world of dental insurance. As for Dr. Nodesh, his knowledge, abilities, and craftsmanship are second to none. His patience with the finished product reflects his pride in his work. My family and the entire Beaches community are so fortunate Dr. Jumber found the right man to follow him in his practice. If you presently are looking for dental care, look no further.”

— John

“Our experience with Dr. Jasleen Raina has always been excellent! She is always professional, efficient, friendly, and always has a smile. She always explains pros and cons of treatment. She and her staff work in tandem to achieve the best results. We highly recommend Dr. Jasleen Raina and her team.”

— Emma

“Dr. Nodesh is a great dentist. I have seen him the past couple years. Unfortunately, I have needed a fair amount of work but he did a great job. He is meticulous and will stand by his work.”

— Brian

“First of all, I’m a chicken at the dentist, so I was a little hesitant when Dr. Jumber left. What a waste of worry. Dr. Nodesh is absolutely awesome!!! He’s got a great “chairside” personality, he’s gentle, and he’s an amazing dentist. His staff is the best as well. From the front desk to the assistants, they make you feel like family!”

— Gaye

“I began seeing Dr. N just over a year ago when I first moved to Fort Myers. I first visited their office when I broke a tooth which would ultimately require an implant. Dr. N was always very friendly, courteous, helpful, and thorough, both in his procedures and also explanations of what was being done. Unfortunately, I had a couple of other issues that required visits to the office and my experience with Dr. N was always very pleasant and reassuring. I would highly recommend Dr. N.”

— Sharon

“I’ve been going to Beaches Dentistry for years. The doctors and staff are pleasant, highly competent, and very responsive. They make going to the dentist as painless and pleasurable as it can possibly be.”

— Mark

“Took great care and explained everything in detail.”

— Anonymous

“I highly recommend Dr. Nodesh. He recently handled a dental emergency that required an implant. I was pleased with the way he answered all of my questions, provided information about my options, and most importantly with the skill with which he handled the procedures from start to finish. I appreciate that he makes the time to communicate not only during the office visit but with followup.”

— Victoria

“I have been coming here for many years and love this place. I feel so relaxed while I am getting my teeth cleaned. Lindsey is the best hygienist I have seen in many years. I’ve had three cleanings by her and her positive attitude rubs off. Her knowledge and gentleness is above what I have seen in all my years. If you are looking for a new dentist, this is the place and ask for Lindsey for your hygienist. Only downfall is she is an FSU fan. LOL.”

— Gator Fan

“Dr. Nodesh is wonderful! He is conscientious, particular, thorough, and efficient. I have had much dental work completed by him. I am very pleased and satisfied. If you are searching, he is high quality!”

— Jacqueline

“Dr. Nodesh has been as easy transition from Dr. Jumber. I was initially concerned, as I had been a patient of Jumber for many years. However, I have found Dr. Nodesh a very professional, highly knowledgeable, gentle, and pleasant change. Highly recommend to everyone.”

— Dennis

“Personable and dependable.”

— Alex

“Dr. Nodesh is a young, brilliant, innovative dentist. I don’t have the words to say how wonderful he is. With him I am totally without fear. A bonus is a family-friendly office made welcoming and comfortable by a superior staff.”

— Joan

“Not only did Dr. Shyamsunder promptly took care of my immediate dental needs, but he educated me on proper dental health and care. He is a great professional, and treats all of his patients with utmost respect and courtesy. Having always had extreme anxiety about visiting a dentist, I found that Dr. Shyamsunder made it much easier for me for all of my future visits.”

— Anonymous

“Excellent diagnostician and extremely patient and understanding. I travelled from Chicago just to see him. Can’t wait to get the rest of my smile fixed by him.”

— Mahwesh

“Dr. Jumber responded to an emergency call when we first moved here five years ago. He and his staff have been very professional and pleasant. I trust them. I have only had one appointment with Dr. Nodesh, which was excellent. Love the staff!”

— Maggie

“I have been a patient of this practice for over 30 years. It was a normal apprehension that I had when learning of the change in the practice. Instead, once I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Nodesh, I couldn’t be more pleased. His expertise, knowledge, enthusiasm, and warm personality quickly removed any concerns of mine. I highly recommend this practice to any and all.”

— Dennis

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff.”

— Jim

“So I began seeing Dr. Jumber soon after he took over from his dad in the 70s. They both had to consult on my mouth as it was a severe case: many cavities, sideways teeth, post-insertion surgery and more, over a period of about five years, Dr. Jumber changed my life. I was a shy, self-conscious kid, but he helped my most developmental years. He also kindly worked with my mom, who was now single and raising four of us. He was and continues to be so gentle, informative, competent, and his work has held up all these years, and now we are in the process of updating my smile with newer advancements and he is continuing his outstanding work and patient comforting manners to this very day. I am grateful to the entire staff!”

— Victor

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What our patients are saying 
Dr. Raina has been an outstanding orthodontist for me! I needed upper and lower braces as an adult and she made the entire process a fantastic experience! The entire office staff is so kind, patient, and personable! Another plus is having my dentist, Dr. Nodesh, in the same office so cleanings and routine dental checkups could overlap on the same day as orthodontic appointments.
Rhonda J
I’ve been going here for nearly 35 years, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. The staff is very professional and friendly.
Will H.
Very friendly and collegial staff. Dr. Nodesh was very kind and explained me my treatment plan in detail. Highly recommended
Shilpa D
 Best most thorough and least pain giving dentist I’ve ever experienced. I am 74 years old, blessed with excellent teeth and am particular about them. The office is equipped with the latest medical equipment and accessories. If you are in the market for a new dentist, this is the place. 
Amos A.
Dr. Nodesh and his staff are great. I have never had a dentist who is more meticulous and committed to making sure everything is done correctly and looks great. Thanks Doc
Dorri K.
"I have been a long time patient of Beaches Dentistry. I HIGHLY recommend this practice. My experience includes both routine cleaning and checkups..."
"So kind, endlessly chatty (which I love), intelligent, funny, and engaging. They obviously love their jobs! And their attitude is infectious."
Win C.
"Dr Nodesh at Beaches Dentistry is amazing! He explains the treatment plan clearly and answers all questions before he commences. Never in a rush."
Nasrin R.
"I could not be happier thus far with my past 3 visits to Beaches Dental. Dr Nodesh has a relaxed, yet professional bedside manner."
Alicia C.

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